About meJulie Whitfield Costume Designer Toronto

I’ve always loved designing and sewing. When I was 12, I made my brother a leather motorcycle jacket. By my late teens I was supporting myself designing and sewing costumes for dancers, musicians and rock bands. I did some acting and became an ACTRA member, but soon realized that I preferred working behind the scenes. My career began full-on when Patrick Loubert from Nelvana asked me to design and build several costumes for their TV Christmas Special that started shooting the next day! 

From this beginning I took intensive courses in design, drafting and construction while continuing to design and sew for individual actors and small productions. Over the years as costume designer, I have done more than 10 TV series, 20 movies of the week and 15 feature films. 

In the 80’s, I took time off to raise a family. Unable to find a down-filled, waterproof snowsuit for my first born, I designed and made one myself. This quickly grew into “Sundown” which was soon manufacturing and selling outerwear for children and adults throughout Canada and the eastern U.S. I sold to high end kid’s boutiques like “Little Ones” and “Bebe” and better sportswear stores like “Sporting Life”. Sales increased dramatically after I won “Best Design in Children’s’ Skiwear” for the 1988 Winter Olympics. 

In 1997 I sold Sundown. It had grown into a significant business, but I missed the challenges and excitement of working in film. I returned to film with a new appreciation of the business side of costume production, and with a lot of new resources and rag trade connections. My first show back was a feature film, “All I Wanna Do” which included the design and production of 180 girl’s school uniforms and gym outfits and 60 uniforms for boys. Set in 1963, it starred Lynn Redgrave and Kirsten Dunst. 

Co-producer, Clara George later wrote to me saying “This show was a huge challenge…48 cast members and 1800 extras, all in 1963 period costume. The wardrobe looked beautiful and was on time and within budget. I’m still amazed at how you managed to do it. It’s great to have you back in the business.” 

Since then I’ve been working steadily on TV series, feature films, and movies of the week. To see some of my selected credits along with a few pictures, please check my resume.

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